The Shetreat Certification Program:

Level 2- Mentorship

You Are Hereby Invited to Become a Midwife of the New World

The next class begins April 22, 2022

The goal: Learn practical coaching and mentorship skills to midwife yourself, your family, your clients, and your community into the next, more beautiful world calling to be born. Become the unique leader you are here to be.

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Deepen tools and practices that were introduced in Part 1

Learn new tools to help guide you through unknown terrain and surrender

Deepen intuition practices and the sacred feminine

Become comfortable with holding space, designing and leading rituals.

Build coaching and leadership practices 

Develop practical tools to cultivate community Terrain circles

The one thing we know is that change is coming. We know that we are wired to want to keep things the same, even when what we call normal is not healthy for us or other living beings. What many people don’t know is that we have agency - physically emotionally spiritually and ecologically - to midwife this coming world. We have individual and collective power.

The philosophy of salugenesis - the physiological return to resilient health - states that the steps to regain health and wellbeing are not simply to stop the unhealthy practices and instigators. We must activate cycles of healing on every level. This is very possible. We can shift our epigenetic and cellular function to resonate with the world we want to create.

How do we find comfort during uncertain times when our usual tools no longer work? How do we activate healing in our bodies, our minds, our hearts, and our spirits? How do we activate healing around us? How do we play a role in activating healing in Gaia, in Mother Earth?

How do we learn how to see beyond this moment in time and space? How do we vision the world we want to build for ourselves and for the collective? How do we integrate past, present and future to be in a state of conscious awareness?

This is a process that requires us to engage on every level:

Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, Spiritually & Ecologically

  • Physical body and home
  • Epigenetics
  • Cellular resilience 
  • Connective tissue healing
  • Food—practical and vibrational 
  • Embodiment practices 
  • The importance of fasting 
  • How do we make our body and our homes a place where we can feel both protected and free?
  • Understanding what trauma does to our bodies on a nervous system, tissue, cellular, and epigenetic level.
  • Noticing ways your own trauma, loss or disappointment experiences may influence your thoughts and actions and learning how to intervene
  • Determining how leaders inflict their trauma on others and how they gain support through trauma resonance 
  • Learning practices to help clear your own trauma, how not to mirror or get hooked into other people’s trauma  
  • How our need for belonging drives our decision making 
  • How do we differentiate between intuition and guidance and our own fear and trauma. 
  • Changing your story
  • Using practical approaches for shifting neural networks and the brain connectome
  • meditation
  • breathwork
  • wonder and awe
  • fasting
  • sensory deprivation
  • ceremony.
  • How to maintain good spiritual hygiene 
  • Sound, light, vibration work 
  • Science and sacred 
  • Completing soul contracts
  • Intuition and guide work
  • Rituals with plants, candles, eggs
  • Altar work
  • Magical practices 

  • Growing food
  • Composting 
  • Indigenous growing practices 
  • Prepping practices
  • Canning, dehydrating, fermenting
  • Wild edibles
  • Keeping chickens 

Some topics and practices covered:

  • Ways to facilitate healing every day and actively maintain a state of vibrancy 
  • Fasting - shifting the physical, emotional, spiritual story
  • Numerology, Astrology, Sacred Geometry, iChing
  • Speaking with the Oracle
  • Kitchen and Garden Magic
  • Grief and rage rituals - why they’re important
  • The Science of Intuition and ways to engage with remote viewing
  • Deepen animal and plant communication
  • Rituals with plants, candles, and eggs
  • Sigils, pendulums, and other types of magick
  • Toning and sound healing - the science and the sacred
  • Endings: Completing soul contracts
Practices and assignments with accountability partners and integration together.

Integration together on twice monthly calls.

Breakout sessions for practicing rituals with peers.
A guaranteed invitation to a VIP healing day with Dr. Maya 
A guaranteed invitation for an in-person healing gathering planned for Fall 2022

About Dr. Maya Shetreat

Maya Shetreat, MD is a neurologist, herbalist, astrologer, urban farmer, and author of The Dirt Cure. She has been featured in the New York Times, The Telegraph, NPR, Sky News, The Dr. Oz Show and more. Dr. Maya​ is the founder of the Terrain Institute, where she teaches Terrain Medicine™, earth-based programs​ for transformational healing. She works and studies with indigenous communities and healers from around the world, and is a lifelong student of ethnobotany, plant healing, and the sacred​.

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