Invest 28 Days to Cleanse Your Mind and Body

What are we cleansing?

Family + Relationship Issues

Stories, Heart-healing, Resentments, Community

Health Challenges

Sleep, Microbiome, Gut/Brain, Lungs, Lymph, Liver, Kidneys


Waste, Reactive Foods, Hormesis, Toxic Exposures


Nourishing Yourself, Beginner's Mind, Repression, Smudging, Space, Joy


Drive your live towards what matters.

What's Included...

28+ Powerful Lessons on resiliency and empowered inspiration to help you take concrete steps towards transforming into a more authentic version of yourself.
Group Access
Direct Line to Dr. Maya Shetreat
Daily Journal prompts and exercises to implement what you’ve learned. From physical to emotional to spiritual body, to your home, to your activities, take advantage of the journal and exercises

It is TIME for your new BETTER normal.

We have been bombarded with fear over the last few months, and our mental lives are polluted in such subtle and pervasive ways that sometimes we don’t even notice.  

This cleanse is the start of clearing out wreckage, cobwebs, excuses, old energy, toxins, and OWNING the next chapter of your life.

Are you HUNGRY for new solutions to health and LIFE?

  If you have any kind of chronic illness…

  If you are navigating fear on a deep, subtle level every day…

  If you are hoping and working to define NEW normal

  If you are looking toward living in insanely empowered, unimagined ways…

Invest 28 days and discover the most important tools to cleanse your body, address deep-rooted fear, and open up to your post powerful soul-driven life and health.