Is Your Gut A Battlefield? 

Yes! (And You May Not Be Winning.)

The truth is your gut needs a hero - and it’s here! It’s that good.

Today marks the unveiling of a new direction for your inner terrain that we think will change the trajectory of health, immunity, and even weight loss as we know it.

As gut health continues to make its way into mainstream media, practitioners and patients are beginning to realize the undeniable benefits of cultivating the friendly bacteria living in our intestines and the importance of a diverse microbiome.

Your immune system might feel like a completely separate system from the master control center of human health, otherwise known as the gut microbiome, but they are actually deeply interconnected.

In fact, 70-80% of our immune tissue is found within our digestive tracts, and the interaction between these bacteria and immune tissues (cross-talk) is a key component of overall immune function.

This means that taking care of your gut microbiome (your inner terrain) on a daily basis can significantly support your immune system and protect you from the various environmental invaders that threaten your health.

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